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Thank you for your interest in this summer's Film Conservatory happening July 16-21, 2022.  Please fill out and submit the form below.  Spaces are limited and only students ages 12-17 may apply.  Please select your top two course choices.  No more than two courses may be selected and only one form submission per student is allowed.  The fee is $1,200 and further payment instructions will be sent out to all accepted applicants.

Please read the descriptions of each available course and then select your top two choices from the dropdown menus below.

Shoot Crew - Behind what we see on screen, there's an entire crew making each moment happen.  During your film conservatory, you will learn the fundamentals of seeing through the lens of a camera, how to operate film equipment, practice capturing live sound, and more!  Working with industry experts, you will gain practical skills through hands-on experience while making short films from start to finish.


Producing & Directing - There's more to producing and directing than being on set and saying "cut!".  During this conservatory, you will be given hands-on experience taking a short film from conception to completion.  This includes keeping a team on schedule and how a split-second change can affect an entire edit.  This is carefully crafted with guidance and instruction from experienced and leading industry experts.


Design - Many artistic choices rely on the designers, including actors understanding their character and space, and directors of photography making camera angle choices and more.  You will learn about the critical role design holds in the art of storytelling through the practical, hands-on experience of working on a short film.  You will gain knowledge of fundamentals in areas like costuming, sets, props, and more - all guided by experienced industry experts.


Acting - An actor's job starts well before the director says "action!".  Over the week, you will have the opportunity to experience coaching and directing from leading industry experts.  As you work hard on a short film project, they will guide you through learning the fundamentals of acting, translating to the camera, and ultimately moving from reading the text to embodying.

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